Being with your kids in the kitchen can be a few things. Great fun, messy, frustrating, joyful, messy, educational, inspirational, useful and, did I say messy?

Children learn SO much in the first 7 years of their life. Everything is fascinating and the kitchen can be one of the most educational and informative places for a young child.

In most homes, the kitchen is the heartbeat of the house. I believe there are many upsides for instilling a love of cooking in your children. Some of the obvious ones include:

 Affords an opportunity for children to learn about food sources
 Assists them with fine motor skills ie. chopping, grating, pouring etc
 Assists them with literacy and numeracy ie. reading labels, counting and measuring quantities and so on.
 Affords an opportunity for children to experience special, one on one time with you
 Teaches them about responsible risk
 Inspires a lasting love of food and cooking
 Teaches them about consequence and sometimes having to wait for a result
 Provides early lessons on basic hygiene and safety

Follow this link for a great fun post my daughter and I did recently for the FABULOUS Internet Chef, Bridget Davis. Edible flower are a must in any child’s food armoury too…


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