Country Style

I contribute each month to the gorgeous Australian Country Style magazine. Jam-packed with inspirational stories about the people and places of regional Australia, it’s an absolute joy to have a page each month to write about all the wonderful activities being out and about in nature affords us all. I hope people are inspired to spend more time outdoors as a result. Below you’ll find each of my pages. Go on, take a peek!

March Have you ever had to try and explain your ancestors or genealogy in general to a young child? It can be tricky. Take a look at my page this month for a great little activity that makes understanding family trees and where your children “fit”, a breeze… Family Trees

January. In this month’s issue we consider the power of collecting things from nature for use in found collections and nature journals. Kid’s adore collecting things, particularly funky things found outside. January 2011

December. This month we look at the many edible flowers that can be used in salads, casseroles and even the bath! December 2010

November. In this issue I wrote about using natural resources to make funky little baby birds. November 2010

I’d welcome your comments, tips and experiences on how outdoors and nature can inspire.

If you’d like to know more about the magazine or subscribe, follow this link. Otherwise, it is readily available at good newsagents throughout Australia.


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