Who are we?

lake grace and angusCaro & Co is a blog dedicated to sharing information, tips and inspiration on how to engage children with nature, outdoors, food and food sources and healthy living.  No preaching here we promise.  Just suggestions on fun things to do with kids. You’ll find posts from me, friends, colleagues and occasionally my children.  

I’m a freelance writer, author, fanatical gardener, foodie and a passionate believer in the magic and power of being outdoors & encouraging lots of unstructured play for children. I’ve worked in a variety of industries including advertising, politics, benevolent organizations and publishing, but writing and being Mum to two outdoor warriors suits me best. I’m currently working on a second book about the power of imagination and a third about a girl who loves dirt. I live in Sydney with my patient husband, two stunning children, two adorable and entirely useless designer dogs and a flatulent cat. Life is full. Caro Webster

C Webster 0448


9 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Shannon

    Hi Caro,
    So glad to have have found this site. It’s awesome to see that this outdoor revolution is international. I could love to interview you for my blog (backyardmama.com) I lived in Australia in 1993- for my freshman year of high school. I lived in Algate, a small town outside Adelaide. One of my MANY dreams is to return to Australia and enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Lindy Rostron

    So great to see you and family with health and innovative ways to live your life. Know you have been very busy so thanks for calling back. I have had some pretty serious health issues, physical not mental, that has thrown me for six for the past 2 years. Well done for achieving so much for your with life. Promise to be in touch soon. Thanks Lindy.xo

  3. genevieve

    Hi Caro,
    Can you please send me your contact email. I would like to send you some information on an early learning program I am working on.

  4. Nerida

    Hi Caro,
    I found you in a google search. I am looking for Terry Durack’s Red Curry Lamb Shanks recipe. The good weekend got recycled before I managed to cut it out. Seems like you have a copy and have cooked it? Would you be willing to send it to me? I would be very grateful. Can’t seem to access it from The Age. Thanks (in anticipation!)

  5. Georgie

    Hi Caro,
    Just interested to know why the name is Salisbury Downs. Is that a family property?

  6. Hi Caro,

    A flatulent cat? Lol I’ve never heard of such a thing in my life but it sounds hilarious. I really like the concept of what you’re doing. One of my best friends runs two Facebook groups called “Raise Awesome Kids” & “Lean Lifestyle System”. She blends the two together and covers everything from eating organically to decision to home school her 3 children.

    The fight on obesity and other stressful factors starts with parenting and you both set a great example. If anything, by placing a divider on the margins of the page and putting a small graphic like this one here: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1205771 in the “subscribe” widget would increase your subscribers. That picture is royalty free and can be used without any angry copyright lawyers coming after you.

    Hope this helps.

    Making The Web Look More Awesome

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