Sustainability in the city. Worth frocking up for…

Today I did something I don’t do often (enough). I applied lipstick, put on some heels and a frock and headed into the city to have lunch with some girlfriends. Those who know me well would agree that heels and I are not a natural mix and that I prefer lip balm to stick. I’ll happily frock up for dinners and other nocturnal events but lunch? Nup. I struggle with breakfasts too. They collide annoyingly with the school run.

So, who and what inspired me to head into town? A simple building, made using 100% recycled/recyclable products, with a wall of strawberry plants, a roof overflowing with herbs and bales of hay stuffed into the walls to provide insulation. Jam jars for glasses, delicious sustainably-sourced food and a view to die for. That’s what.

The brain child of dutch-born Joost Bakker, a florist, builder and environmentalist; Greenhouse is the third of his pop-up restaurants showcasing sustainability in all its glory. My hope is it will become a permanent fixture, acting as a reminder to Sydney-siders of what can be achieved if a passion for our planet is at the heart of everything we do.



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9 responses to “Sustainability in the city. Worth frocking up for…

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  2. Samwebbo13

    I think you look smashing in heels and lippy!! Great to share a sustainable lunch with you! Webbox

  3. Summer

    cool! that looks like fun! you should dress up more often!

  4. Eleanor Jodway

    It sounds like a Wonderful Place Caro! And the view is the Exact right type of view for me! Where better to take lunch than an Innovative New place such as this; overlooking the water! Thanks for sharing Caro! :))) x

  5. urbanbehaviour

    I love this blog! I just started mine and I will posting some cool stuff about Toronto and San Salvador soon.

  6. You have a lovely blog. So glad I found it. Hope to see you over at My Dream Canvas!

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