Beetles, Oreos and Ivory Curls – sharing small joys

Early this morning my daughter and I set off on a walk. Grey clouds and rain loomed but we were determined to a) exhaust our puppies and b) find some funky things to add to our found collection. As we walked, conversation fell to sharing and the different ways in which one can do this. We talked a lot about sharing information (as opposed to a hug or a packet of Oreos). Grace understands that her parents and teachers shares information with her each day but that information exchange is also a constant occurrence in our lives; be it good, sad, joyous, practical or subliminal and so on…

We then decided that during our walk we would find things to share with friends. This is what we found. It’s not much, but it made us feel very happy.

The sound of Kookaburras for Bethe warning us this morning of the impending rain, their unique voice echoing around our streets. This is only because we couldn’t find any squirrels or hear anyone calling for Alan

A gang of Harlequin Beetles, up to some kind of mischief, for Eleanor and Paul because I know they treasure the environment, as much as all my friends do.

A truly beautiful Buckinghamia celsissima or Ivory Curl Tree for Alison. It is one of my favourite Australian plants. Flowering predominantly in late summer the stunning flowers are white to cream and occur in large racemes up to 200 mm long. Their scent is a soft and evocative mix of talcum powder and Yellow Box honey.

Some Gum Nuts for Karen because trees speak to her and also to remind her of what she will see a LOT of come March.

One Hibiscus for Kylee. We know she likes them. What she may not know is that the stamen and stigma (stamenal column) of this beautiful flower makes a perfect broom for fairies.

Why not take a walk around your neighbourhood and see what you can find to share with friends and family. xx



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4 responses to “Beetles, Oreos and Ivory Curls – sharing small joys

    For my wonderful friends down under and for Bethe I share with you:

    Alan, Alan, Alan….Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan…..Alan…oh it’s Bethe.
    Bethe, Bethe, Bethe, Bethe…wanna gumnut? *kookaburra laugh*

  2. This is a great idea on how to make a nature walk special! You two will probably remember this day for a long time. And your friends will remember the photos you collected–feeling honored that you thought of them.

  3. What a great post! And no, I didn’t know that the stigma and stamen of the hibiscus make great fairy brooms! Thank you for teaching that to me! And what a beautiful white hibiscus that is. Here, you don’t often see the white ones! It looks like it has a bit different form than I’m used to, too. The petals are longer and thinner and separated more. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Thank you Caro and Grace for sharing the lovely Ivory Curl Tree with me. Australian trees are so amazing and exotic, to my mind! Wow, now I really want to visit you one day and see them for myself and hear the kookaburras laughing. What a blast that would be 🙂

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